Wednesday, July 12, 2006

What am i doing?

it's been six weeks since my FYP commences.. n guess wat? ive done notink.. yep.. notink at all.. not even posters.. coding.. GUI oso havent start.. great procrastinator i am.. hehe.. but really.. i nid to motivate myself to start doing.. haiz... 2moro my supervisor would like to see the GUI.. which i havent started.. but ill try to do it at home..

once bitten twice shy.. hmmm.. it makes me thinking.. whether the saying is for learning from mistakes.. or afraid of repeating them.. im confused.. it may sound stupid but hey.. that's the reality now.. u may have learn from ur mistakes but u r still afraid of it.. n bcoz of that.. u r afraid to pursue things.. life's hard aite? hehehe

next werk.. my face will stay at one particular station for so long b4 changing into a new one.. now im already in one.. which is the b-track.. the best part is im oso stick with fadzlin.. and it willbe in the morning shift.. hahahah... so yep.. pushing and pulling the kart has been the normal thing for me nowadays... sori to say dis but we got to face stupid guest.. stubborn guest.. and loads more..

i think that's parts and parcel in guest relations huh?? wat to do.. werk mah.. without them there's no escape w/o escape there'll be no us.. so thank u guest! heheheh...

i hope i can stay long enuff to see my own glory..

Posted by Fr3aK[A]z0iD at 4:27 PM

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