Thursday, August 10, 2006


in a few days.. yep literally few days.. where we dont have tym to spend with each other.. the few days that we hope but cant spend the tym together.. we can plan, but He who decide it all.. so yep.. all i can say from far is gd luck.. all i can do from far is prayers..

on a brigther note.. yesterday was my 1st tym i didnt manage to catch NDP live on the TEEBEE... seriously.. i dont even get to watch part of it.. hahah.. some patriotic dude huh? hehehe..

i still nid to work in the morning.. now upgrade from B-Track to A-Track.. n the queue was F-King long.. hahaha... then sometink happen lah.. it was drizziling.. so i told my partner(norman) to hear for stand-down from our sup. then syawal was signalling to norman the timeout hand signal.. if u know.. then norman thot it was declared stand-down oredi so me n norman go park the karts lah.. then that syawal was like asking "eh dah stand-down??"(stand-down oredi?).. norman was like huh?? havent yet?? hahahah... so we place back the karts at the loading/unloading bay and continue werking.. hahahah

after werk azim fetch me n we headed to sri's place.. oh yah.. yesterday was a kenduri marathon.. hahah.. best tau!~ makan maciam2... at sri's place got dis choc cake.. so nice!! heheh then ate n ate n say goodbye to sri then we waited under her void deck for some frens.. then we headed to JURONG.. wah!! from bedok reservoir to jurong.. pantat numb sia!!! hahahahahaha... then went home.. hehehe

that's how i spend my national day... weee!~

2moro will be the last day to spend tym if we got the chance...

Posted by Fr3aK[A]z0iD at 9:09 AM

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