Thursday, November 30, 2006

1st Tym

there's a 1st tym for everything.. be it young or old.. there's the 1st word u spoke.. just saying "dada" if u r a baby that is.. will make ur parents jump for joy.. every now n then most of the first tyme always bring joy..

but here's a story of my 1st tym.. hahahha

on tuesday midnite.. met my fren under his void deck b4 proceeding to our destination.. JOHOR BAHRU.. yep.. it was me who ask him along as it's my FIRST tym heading there.. the intention to go johor as my fuel are depleting.. heehehhehe.. so yeah.. cheap fuel = JB..

after fill up my fuel tank.. we decided to head home str8 as my class next morning is at 9 am.. so we went by yio chu kang rd... to my amazement there's a rd block at yck rd.. so that's my FIRST tym got held at a road block.. i was all nervous as they ask for my insurance, ic and lesen...

after checking my ic and all.. the ask me to open my seat, then my box, then open my jacket.. then lastly the policeman ask.. "1st tym??" so i said "yah" then he said "no wonder u look so nervous.. that's y i do a torur check on u.. hehe.. next tym just releks ok.. ur nervousness brings suspicion.." "ok"...

so yep.. that's how it goes.. hahahaha..

Posted by Fr3aK[A]z0iD at 8:13 PM

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