Monday, November 27, 2006


im in skool... n im having this bad headache.. i donno wat's the cause of this headache.. but wat the hell.. just try to endure it for awhile.. i think everytink will be over in a few hours tyme..

let's recap wat ive done for the pass few days.. on friday.. went to syawal's place to see how's he's doing before proceeding to p.ris to park my bike n help my fren carry things to another fren's chalet which is at sentosa.. aint it far?? yep.. did enjoyed myself there.. with the food.. which was a-ok.. n the company.. so yep.. everything goes well.. except when we wanted to get home.. get delayed abit.. so i reached home ard 1 plus...

saturday.. i worked morning shift a-track.. haiz.. skool holiday season has start.. so yep.. it's very tiring with the hot sun and long queue.. nearly get into a fite with this one malay guy.. luckily his frens was a-ok.. it's turns out to be ok after all(wat am i typing i oso dont understand).. then accompanied my fren to go bike surveying.. he's looking for super4 spec 2.. nice bike i shld say... wow!!~ then met another fren there.. we went for a game of bowling.. then went to park our bikes at vivo... fetch his gf.. then met the rest n go for our dinner... then come our gap session.. which again i was left behind(safety rider mah).. then str8 home.. me, azim n yat was seperated on our way home.. hahahah..

sunday.. worked mid-shift b-track.. get bullied by the supervisor.. bcoz it's raining n we continued working.. at 3.20 then they ask to srand down.. yeay!~ rest for a while.. then continued working after the rain stopped.. haiz.. at the end of the day.. nearly got into a fight with this one chinese fella.. haiz!~.. after worked chilled at al-fresco for awhile.. then str8 home...

that's how my weekend is spent.. haiz!~.. so tiring..

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