Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I just cant think of any title


it has been a week since raya started.. but yeah.. i dont feel the warmth or the excitement of hari raya.. y?? maybe becoz i go fo raya-ing for only one day.. or maybe becoz my raya is fill with skool n werk.. haiz!~ no mood oredi for raya.. even my raya collection have finished..

but watever it is.. im still hepi with my life.. i oredi got wat i want(i.e. the bike).. study havent been stressful yet.. n werk life have been great.. so yep..

wanna share sometink with u guys..

some ppl say when a person(anyone) get a bike or bought a bike.. he will change.. for u guys info i got the peer pressure to change.. really.. those who never contacted me when i have no bike suddenly appear when i have one.. does a bike mean alot in a frenship?? i just wonder..

so yah.. i myself trying to be fair to my frens those with bikes n without.. im willing to park my bike somewhere n take a bus with my fren or even not riding my bike.. as long as my fren like it... u may say "ya lah u just new in bringing ur bike.. let's see in a few months tym.." i hope i wont change.. i pray hard!! let's pray together!! hehehe "AMIN!!!".. thank you

gtg now.. updating soon.. heheh how soon?? i donno

Posted by Fr3aK[A]z0iD at 9:14 AM

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