Monday, December 18, 2006

wat u have..

dis past few days have tot me somethings.. wat i shall say maybe redundant to some of u.. but wat the hell.. it's a duty of a human being to share wat's important as they can live together happily..

some things that i learn is that.. what u have doesnt mean u dont have to work for it again.. for example.. u are holding to dis handbag(if u r a gerl) then u simply bring it effortlessly.. then somebody snatch it from u.. who's at fault?? u of course!!.. so i assume that homosapiens/human beings, we tend to take that we have forgranted but we will go all out for the things that is not in our grasp.. plz do correct me if im wrong..

another thing i learn is from watching Dian 3 a malay drama shown on suria.. it's a great movie really.. but the lines are wat's important.. "tkde manusia yg jahat, tapi kerana dorg tu salah buat pilihan membuatkan dorg membuat bende yg salah" dont bother ask me for translation.. u shld ask ur malay frens out there to translate for u..

life's is just a whole lot of tests.. not the paper kind of test.. but test to prove our willingness to live n willingness to accept HIM and how strong our faith is.. that's life as a whole( that's wat i concluded)

so guys.. hold onto ur belongings(or a person) that u have in ur life really tight.. u mite lose them to someone else..

Posted by Fr3aK[A]z0iD at 11:39 PM

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