Wednesday, January 10, 2007

DOs and DONTs

dis post is not abt wat u shld n wat u shldnt do.. i dont have the rights to make the rules.. u r who u r.. u have the rights of ur ownself.. y must other ppl tell u on wat n wat not to do?? that's wat ppl call justice.. "justice" is the only guy who can set ppl's path on wat they can and cannot do.. and his partner called "law".. they are both great partners.. :D

wat im writing is abt wat we have and wat we dont have.. does it matter anyways?? y must wat we own be a measurement towards a friendship?? y must wat we own drift us apart?? y must wat we have make the friendship more dull?? y???

i just dont have the answer to all that... maybe im just a fren who ppl look for wat i have... n wat i dont have.. haiz!~

ps: this post is just a piece of my mind.. that's all..

Posted by Fr3aK[A]z0iD at 12:26 PM

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