Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Happy New Year!

gd bye 2006 n hello to 2007..

1st thing 1st.. dis year im gonna be 21 years old!!! wow.. fast aint it?? i feel like yesterday i was ten.. now.. hmm young adult.. R21 movies!!1 woohooo.. hhahahaha... ok im not that bad ok..

let's recap wat ive achieved for 2006..

for that year i started working at escape themepark.. met great frens there.. learn the joy n the pain of serving guest.. learn the world of backstabbing n hyprocracy.. learn how to handle stress with a smile.. learn to share..

for that year.. i try to be more cheerful.. put all sadness behind me.. try to be more relaxed.. until im VERY relaxed in facing any situation... VERY relaxed is not good tho.. hehehehe...

for that year.. i pass my riding licence n got myself a bike.. altho it was a normal bike.. but still im thankful to my parents for allowing me to ride after wat happened.. and because of that bike.. my money deplet fast.. very fast indeed.. but nevermind.. i learn how to be responsible of my own things..

for that year.. im 20 years old.. hehehehe

ok next plan for 2007

grad from poly.. hehehe.. cant wait for that day to come..

hope i can take every single thing seriously... no more childish actions..

hope to plan my tym well as to be fair to all my frens n families...

and alot more... haiz!!! but 1st thing 1st... i plan to celebrate my 21st bday by watching R21 movie!!! hahahahahahaha...

n yep NS here i come!!!!!

so yep.. pray hard n work smart that's the way i would like to lead..

take care everybody.. i really hope 2007 will be better than 2006

Posted by Fr3aK[A]z0iD at 9:39 AM

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