Monday, January 08, 2007


actually im bored.. yep.. i have alot of things to do.. but yeah.. im the master of procastinating.. hahaha.. it's bad!! really bad.. i nid to change for the better dis new year.. but sometimes.. i just cant.. hmmm it makes me muhaimin.. nyeheheh

new year shld make one better rite?? but it seems to me like any other day.. any other year.. i shld change!! come on ppl.. motivate me!.. change for the better muhaimin! if not.. u'll die feeling regret.. hahaha!!! curse upon myself..

dis post is just out of boredom.. so u must be bored to read dis.. hahaha..

on a serious note.. sometink makes me wonder..

ppl always ask to put the past behind u where the past is always the one which make u stronger.. so tell me.. to put the past behind and forget abt it or learn the lesson from it or both?? how?? i donno.. maybe there's way.. "where there's will there's way"

Posted by Fr3aK[A]z0iD at 9:46 AM

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