Wednesday, April 25, 2007


nowadays we heard alot abt accidents.. especially motorcycle.. and youngsters.. yah i know it's fate that brought them to an end.. but dont u think it's avoidable.. yes it's written in wat way u die.. Ya Allah i beg u.. let me die in a peaceful manner..

just today i witness two.. yep not one but two accidents.. 1st when im otw to my werk place.. there's abent along changi beach there.. 3 motorcycle involve in an accident.. and after i change my oass i saw my colleagues stop.. so i wonder y.. as i guessed one of them just skidded.. and bruised his shoulder..

a few days ago another collegue passed away in an accident.. a few weeks ago my fren involve in an accident where one of his fren passed away..

a few years ago.. my own brother involve in an accident which cause his life..

haiz!~ i donno.. i myself ride a bike.. accident.. twice.. alhamdulillah im still alive an kicking.. but it really haunts me.. yes it's a passion but.. accident can happen anywhere anytime..

u can be too alert or too careful, but with a bike.. u must always be extra super duper careful.. u might never know wat will happen within a blink of an eye..

so riders, drivers and other road users.. plz.. value ur life.. be very careful when u r on a place called the road..

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