Friday, July 20, 2007

Wise Words

it's a routine for me to go for my Friday prayers at Masjid Wak Tanjong, rite beside my primary/secondary school.. after praying it's a routine to go to the school's canteen and meet up the aunties/grannies/uncles of canteen.. it's nice to joke around with old peeps..

but today.. it's a bit different.. i think today really give an impact to the alumni form that school, an alumni like me. we had free food sponsored by our own principal, Ustaz Muhammad Noor Bin Taib, it's not abt the free food that gives an impact.. it's the talk after that..

it's a talk that really touches most of us.. yep.. 3 of the speakers, 2 of which an alumni from MWTI and the other is the principal himself.. they told us abt the experience they had during their learning stage.. the 1st speaker Akhi Fathurrahman told us abt his study experience in Medinah University which he had been expelled during his second year.. and how he manage to get back to the U and study hard until he get the cert for it..

2nd speaker is our pricipal himself.. he told us abt how his study path during early 1940s how hard it is to get a acholarship during that time.. only a selected few.. how his son, our vice principal, manage to get into a arabic U from a secular school and also he talk abt niyyah.. to put our niyyah in a correct path.. he also said that he's proud to see all those who manage to succeed in their study path..

3rd speaker.. i forgot his name.. but he's my senior batch form that school, how he told us he was caned for not memorizing the qur'an.. and all.. he quitted skool halfway tru and when to indonesia to continue his studies.. he came back to meet our very own principal.. and he also talk abt adab.. adab between a student and a teacher.. no matter how clever a student is.. it start from that very teacher himself.. so dont ever come back and point out mistakes of that teacher..

that's only a summaries of it.. haiz!~ i really nid to go for more of dis kind of talks..

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