Wednesday, September 26, 2007

cant wait

it's been awhile since i felt uneasy during night time.. i donno y.. i think sometink bothering me but i donno wat.. haiz!~ suddenly i will go all moody.. feel like spending the tym alone..

ive been spending my fasting days at home.. on bed.. haha.. i will wake up near afternoon.. then will slack on bed till break fast.. haiz.. not productive at all k?? wishing to be fat by doing dis.. but fasting mah!~ how to get fat?? unless i dont fast and eat non stop.. which i wont do lah.. hahaha.. i donno y but i like fasting.. make u feel... how to type.. feel.. light.. yah i think dat's the word

i got 2 weeks left.. yep 2 weeks exactly.. 14 days.. b4 my enlistment day.. i want more tym yet i cant wait to be enlisted.. contradicting aint it?? hahaa.. i want more tym coz i want tym to spend with all my frens.. yep.. b4 i get enlisted.. it will be hard for me after enlistment day u see.. only be able to book out during weekends.. the tym available for my frens will be limited.. hmmm..

cant wait to be enlisted bcoz.. i hate to see wat's happening ard me.. for me to know lah.. haiz!~ y is this happening?? at some point i feel the guilt.. haiz!~

maybe i shld sleep early and relax my troubled mind.. gd nite then..

Posted by Fr3aK[A]z0iD at 1:18 AM

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