Saturday, September 22, 2007

Long Tym

long tym never update my precious blog.. hahah.. not that precious lah.. but only a blog which stores lot of my memories.. hahaha stupid2 jokes.. alot lah abt the blog.. 3 years oredi leh the blog.. hahaha

actually there's alot in mind to blog abt.. but as i login to blogger all the ideas dissapear.. haiz!~ wat to type abt i oso donno..

yesterday went to nite safari!!! wooohhooo!~ it's my 1st tym.. im so excited to see all the nocturnal animals.. like binturong, tapir and others.. woohhoo the animal show was abit fun too.. abit disappointed cannot carry the phyton! and the trainers!! the malay one especially.. quite chio! hahaha

it's funny lah to see ppl who just doesnt listen.. either dont understand or stubborn.. no flash!!! no flash!!! hahaha.. it's the same rules repeated u see?? haiyooo!~ poor animals.. hope they are not blinded by the flashes from stubborn guests' camera..

hope can go there again.. i still have zoo in plan.. jurong bird park.. hehehe.. but nah.. 2 weeks left for me b4 enlistment..

just now went to pattaya garden for break fast with the escapians.. just a few of us.. not all.. oklah long tym never seen them.. hehehe.. will miss them lots.. haiz!~

ok then.. for my next update i donno when!~

till then take care..


Posted by Fr3aK[A]z0iD at 11:51 PM

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